If what you put into the world stems from how you look at the world, make sure your current mindset matches the legacy you want to leave behind.

No One Is Born Creative

Spectacular  Business doesn’t come by luck.  The best companies didn’t get to their lofty positions by chance. The great ones like Athletes Stars of sports, Artist, or Professionals didn’t read the mountaintop by coincidence   They got there by relentlessly focusing on the right things Its very easy to forget that the true worth of your life talent and passion Ideas doesn’t work without you doing the work, Experience and practice makes everyone experts, No one is born creative  

Fantasy Of Money Making

This write up only for those who can understand and Who can make out what I mean. A few at my thoughts are reflected here.All the human being have only one life even someone exploring it or remaining ( or the majority) will live in their own comfort or laziest zone. They will never get the chance of feeling or know the meaning of life,They may have their own back forcing excuses for their misfortunes in life. Only the one who wish to explore the talent inside him can reach the top of their life. As said in the novel Alchemist of Brazilian lyricist Paulo Coelho. We all have dreams but some one limiting it because of afraid the hard-work or risks. Whenever you are ready to chase your dreams all this world will come together to help you for that. its a real all amazing fact that the author described in that. From my life I realized this fact. some one said “Money is Nothing in life But You should Earn Sufficient before You think Such a Nonsense” Its a realistic and thought provoking quotes because it can make a lots of changes,Growth in every ones life. No one in this world can think that money is nothing in life except some exceptional personalities or who earned that much. Some times money is something or Everything in life especially in this fast paced world. Money can take you to the top of your lifestyle or Extraordinary person. Except money Respect,Knowledge,Attitude, Love,Relations, Character like these things will make a person to full fill his life goal, But the fact is sometimes money can buy something from the above list… All of them have the dream of making money and all are trying for the same, But the majority will fail to find that art of money making and they will join the category who won’t need much dreams, possessions or achievements in life. they will be ready to adjust with the life. or some one will blame some reasons and excuses. Every one have their own different pages in their life story so don’t try to imitate others because thats entirely different from yours then how can u make it… money making is an art that every one can learn if they are ready to come out from their laziest and safe zone. Someone will grab that technique of money making but they will be failing to maintain it. Its very hard to maintain the money than make it. It will be realized once you got the technique. To make 1000 from 100 rupee is tough for who earned the 100 by hard work, But Its little bit easy to make 10 crore from 1 crore who earned it himself. thats a fact i realized may be its mine only. Money managing and maintaining also hard lesson for who learning from his own life experience, But you should earn that technique. I heard about so many people who won huge amounts in lotteries and gamblings but only a few are existing now as rich and the remaining were living as same as their past poor life. Its only because of the tough lesson of money making and managing is unknown to them. The fantasy of money making will realize only when you start to learn the art of money making and money managing,I am not rich now but am sure that am far better rich than my previous, From my experience i realized what changes money can make in our life , What it can buy more than the possessions it can buy something more that you can’t imagine if you are away from the art of money making and managing. But all should know the reality that,This world have soo much to enjoy and infinite of happiness which we can’t explain. So much treasures are there in everyone’s life than money but sometimes the lack of money will hide some from this. or make(forcing ) them to hide. Even though we don’t want too much savings but should have money for our worthy life. There have been no lack of jobs or money making resources there have only lack of ideas and much more laziness. Make money in Fair and good manner then only that will serve you like the same and stick on with you thank you all..

How can we prepare our teenagers for the future When the Education system aren’t keeping up with the fast paced World ..?

The big problem today in our world right now is that exponential technological change is rendering so many things in terms of what our kids are learning obsolete. Forty five percentage of jobs today will not exist 10 years from now, and it’s crazier. According to Singularity University, between 2016 and 2022, We are going to see as much Technological change in the World as the entire 100 years between 1900 to 2000. think about that. So the idea is this, Stop asking your teenagers, “What you want to be when you are grow up.?” or “What do you want to study..?” they are dangerous questions. these are wrong questions. They get a teenager stuck on an idea of their future for a world that will no longer exist. When you ask that to a kid,  they are going to say “ well, i want to be a Doctor,  may be I’m thinking about become a Lawyer. may be i want to be an Engineer. may be I want to go into marketing field.       All these careers, all these jobs are changing because of robotics, because of Artificial Intelligence, because of advanced algorithms and emerging new technologies. These are changing at a rapid pace.   Peter Diamonds said, “ten years from now, you will not want a doctor operating on you. You’re going to be operated on by robots. “ But it’s not just technological change, It’s also that may so many jobs today are utter bullshit.  They do jot produce anything that’s actually valuable or progressive the human race. They are jobs in large multinational food companies  where your entire career is about thinking up ways to come up with fancier names for sugar, So you can put garbage into people bodies, or to come up with ways to brand high fructose corn sugar as happiness in a red can. all most top marketing graduates are doing these jobs now. and not at all thinking about what they did for human race. We do not want that happening to our teenagers.  So here’s what you want to ask your kid. Ask them, not, “What do you want to be when you grow up.?” but “ How do you want to contribute to the world when you grown up..?” That question changes everything. When you ask a kid , “how do you want to contribute to this world. .?” You are not putting them down a narrow path, you’re having them open up their mind to a wide field of possibilities and to a life that’s about meaning and contribution. They are less likely to seduced into a bullshit job selling more crap that we don’t need.  There may have fantastic and amazing answers from your teenagers when you are ask like this. that may help them to get a right path of career and which will help them to emerge a life that’s actually giving back to the spaces. And those are the careers that gives us the greatest amount of fulfillment. Thera are the people we need in the world today. So remember you want to prepare your kids for the future , ask them this one question , “How are you planning on contributing to the human race..?”