Career counselling is a process that takes you through a series of experiences to help you make the right decisions considering core component


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In Indian education system, there are only 4 streams available after 10 . The child can choose to take Science A-Group(Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics), Science B-Group (Physics, Chemistry, Biology), Commerce Group (Accounts, Statistics, Economics, Business studies) or Arts/Humanities Group (History, Geography, Psychology, Political Science).

Identifying the Aptitude, Personality and Interest (API) of the child is the key. His/Her comfort in particular subjects at grade 9 and 10 level and further at grade 11 & 12 level shall help us understand his/her aptitude. Observing the child while being engaged in different activities will give us an insight about his/her personality.Activities which really interest him/her will show us his/her interest area. By aligning these three aspects, we can help him/her choose the right stream. You can also take help from an Expert Career Counsellor. Get the child’s API testing done at iQue Foundation. We will do Brain mapping of the child to help him/her choose the right stream.